157 Graduate From UMI Gulu Branch.

By on May 8, 2017

Uganda management institute Gulu branch has graduated 157 graduates with 92 male and 65 female in post graduate diploma courses and certificates in public administration, financial management, human resource management, project planning, management and monitoring evaluation.

The chancellor of the institution Hon. Gerard Namirembe Bitamazire in her speech made mentioned that UMI is playing her role in building human resource capacity in Uganda, as the country moves to the middle class status by 2020.

The institution runs three upcountry outreach centers including Gulu and a distance learning program, this model has promoted management training in remote areas that means up country and rural scholars and communities can easily access management in Gulu.

Bitamazire also made mention that this has greatly enhanced the rapid growth and development as well as sustaining the program while at the same time the district and the community will benefit from professional and skilful managers of business and society in general.

She also went on and stated that the country needs skilful and efficient managers and leaders to steer the country forward but then warned the graduates to stop directing their management skills to wasteful endeavors that rob population of their hard earned resources.

Representing the deputy speaker Hon Kiwanda Godfrey minister of trade and tourism congratulated the graduates and noted that it’s not very easy to study at an old age while having several responsibilities at home especially post graduate trainings.

Reading the speech of the deputy speaker of parliament Oulanya Jacob, Hon Kiwanda stated that Gulu has possibly the highest numbers of CSO’s and NGO’s outside Kampala coupled with government agencies, here is a good catchment for the institution geared towards skills development.

Northern Uganda is undergoing a steady rehabilitation and reconstruction process, this is both in infrastructure and most importantly skills based, and the human resource to drive the development of northern Uganda must be horned on the required skills.

I challenge UMI to do a needs based assessment of the region in terms of training needs and tailor their programs to address the specific needs of the people and the region as it is useless to have graduates that are detached from the community.

Gulu is set for a city status and indeed requires skills in management that fit the desired status but as a regional capital it requires that research in the public sector development and attitudinal change in the public service.

UMI should employ local experts to give their programs a genuine local touch, as its imperative that theory and practices are merged. In Oulanya’s speech Kiwanda also read that UMI should not carry consultants from Kampala, it’s important to train the local skilled studied man power to help understand the local dynamics and to impart the desired knowledge and skills.

The director general UMI Dr James Nkata stated that they intend to expand their foot print further in Gulu, we piloted the MBA programme this academic year here in Gulu and we are set to do the popular MMS programme, Gulu will be the first Centre to offer both programs.

Post conflict recovery and reconstruction is not just physical but heavily embedded in skills development and confidence building, as an MDI, UMI is a trail blazer in developing the required skills to have Gulu as the regional capital and enhance its capacity as you build a city status, the Centre is strategically set to serve the whole geographical north of Uganda.

We intend to start operationalization of the virtual library and participants returning for the MMS and MBA programs will realize that the e-access to books and journals and research will be unbeatable and students will have a world class library’s service.

This is the 15th graduation ceremony the institution is holding and in Gulu this is the first graduation in the newly established facility along Kitgum road in Gulu municipality.

By Ronnie Layoo.Gulu.


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