Jihadists ‘increasingly wary of Internet’

After having used the Internet profusely for propaganda and recruitment, jihadist organisations have realised that investigators are gleaning crucial information online and are increasingly concealing their web presence, experts say. Read more »

Morning jog? Leave it until noon: Performance does not peak until several hours after a person has woken up.

It is the perfect excuse to have a lie in. Research shows that first thing in the morning is not the best time to exercise. The British study found that no matter... Read more »

PierA2 and Signature have over shadowed BJz Bar and Grill

Words reaching our desk clearly show that BJz pub has been over shadowed by the 2 new happening joint in Gulu ‘City’. More on this to follow shortly. Read more »

Brothers abandon careers for media

Much as many youth would want to study and finish before they can look for what to do; these two brothers are not that kind. Edgar Arinaitwe, 24, a graduate of Business... Read more »

Ugandan army confirms top LRA rebel in US custody

Uganda’s army confirmed Wednesday that top Lord’s Resistance Army rebel Dominic Ongwen was in the custody of US special forces in Central African Republic. “His surrender puts the LRA in the most... Read more »