Another Gospel Artist From West Nile Nominated For The HITAwards.

Another blessing from above has landed on one of the best west Nile artist Denis .O. Beloved as his name was submitted to be nominated in the ongoing Christian Award Commonly known... Read more »

Briefcase NGOs To Be Thrown Out Of Apac District.

In an attempt to improve services rendered to various societies in Apac district, the  Non-Governmental Organizations have been cautioned that who so ever does not deliver as expected would be fired or... Read more »

Patients Anxious As Blood Rot In Apac General Hospital.

The rate at which blood for transfusion to patients in Apac general hospital has recently been getting out of date caused mixed reaction amidst fear that it may persist if not controlled.... Read more »

The Mistress Of Lira RDC In A Property Fight With Her Sisters.

The mistress to the RDC Lira is in a bitter fight with the sisters and other family members following compensation by UNRA to their property. This has emerged after the administrator of... Read more »

FDC Chairman Gulu Still Missing.

Days have passed since the FDC chairman and former contestant for Omoro county Tolit Simon Akecha went missing from his home in Pece division Gulu municipality on Tuesday Night. One of the neighbors we... Read more »