Panic in Amuru District as Ayugi Bridge is At Verge Of Collapse.

There is panic among the community of Amuru district as Ayugi bridge risks collapsing.
Ayugi Bridge which is situated over 50 kilometers North East of Pabbo Trading Centre crosses over Ayugi River in Bira Village in Pogo Sub County and connects Amuru to Adjumani district via Pakele Sub County.
It has reportedly been in sorry state for over two years but it is continuously developing cracks and part of its guard rails have started falling apart.
John Bosco Ocan the Amuru district Vice Chairperson says the bridge is in a very dangerous state now that there is heavy rain that fills the river to brim and possess risk of breaking it apart.
Ocan explains that movements of heavy trucks and motorcycles loaded with heavy goods exposes its operators to great risks.
Michael Lakony, the Amuru district chairperson says the state of the bridge has been reported to the Uganda National Roads Authority-UNRA for immediate action.
He says people traversing the road are constantly cautioned on the risks of accidents that may arise from the bridge condition.
By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Amuru.

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