Residents in Omoro District Feast on Contaminated Water.

Community of Omoro district are using contaminated water for drinking and domestic use.
Franco Ojok, the Village Chief for Rom in Koro Sub County says his community draws water for drinking and domestic uses from the unprotected open springs of Ali, Abac, Otim Lagina, Apaa, Uhuru, Opiyo, Anyoni and Aleo.
He revealed that several cases of water borne diseases have been reported among residents in the area because the unprotected water sources are shared with animals making it unsafe for human consumption.
The area chairperson Alfred Ongom confirmed the problems saying that the area has only two boreholes which are not enough for the 300 households.
He demanded for an immediate intervention from the district leaders so that two more boreholes are drilled in the area since open water also dries up during dry seasons.
Francis Watdok Awori, the Omoro district secretary for works and technical services said the district has planned to drill one borehole in the area this financial year. He explains that clean water coverage in Omoro district only stands at 61.1%.
Uganda Breweries Limited-UBL has also handed over one borehole to the community in the area constructed at a cost of 26 million under the Water for Life Project. 15 other boreholes were also constructed in various Acholi districts at a cost of UGX 480 Million.
By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Omoro.

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