Gulu Municipal Benefiting from the UGX 160 Billion Development Fund.

Gulu Municipality is benefiting from 160.8 Billion UGX road fund under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development-USMID and Japan International Cooperation Development Agency-JICA projects.
Reports from the Gulu Municipal Planner, John Charles Luwar indicates that there is currently rehabilitation of 48 roads under the two projects which started in the Financial Year 2016/2017.
Twenty Nine roads are being rehabilitated under USMID while 19 are under JICA at a cost of 92.8 Billion UGX and 68 Billion UGX respectively.
In the Financial Year 2016/2017 five roads were completed at a cost of 16.1 Billion UGX while 10 were rehabilitated at a cost of 23.6 Billion UGX in the Financial Year 2017/2018 meanwhile 14 are still being rehabilitated under USMID at 53 Billion UGX.
Luwar says JICA is also rehabilitating 19 roads in the Financial Year 2018/2019 at 68 Billion UGX.
The rehabilitation processes includes tarmacking, construction of drainages, installing street lights and beautification among others and part of the money spent on quality control and project continuity.
The planner notes that the roads rehabilitation has improved transport communication, security, reduced dust related diseases, increased land value within the municipality and changed the outlook of the town among others.
The Minister of Finance Matia Kassaija and Junzo Fujita the Ambassador of Japan to Uganda in April 2016 signed a 20 Million USD grant to Gulu Municipality for improvement of roads in Gulu Municipality while USMID is World Bank Project which aims at developing selected municipalities in Uganda.
By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Gulu.

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