Land Minister Orders Amuru Land Owners to Vacate Madhavani Sugar Project Site.

The Minister for Land, Housing and Urban Development Betty Amongi has ordered residents of Lakang village to immediately vacate Amuru Sugar Project Site.
In her letter dated 18th October 2018, the Minister directed that land owners who have received compensation for their land must vacate the area not later than 31st October this year so that it is handed over to the investor.
Government this year acquired over 10,000 hectares of land in Lakang, Kololo, Payot sub parishes in Lakang Sub County in Amuru district for Sugarcane plantation to establish a Sugar Factory that will be undertaken by Madhavani groups of company.
The land belonged to 209 people, some of them have received full payment while others have only received 45% for their land however others have not yet been paid at all.
Lawot Denis Kisembo a land owner requested for a grace period of three months so that she can harvest her crops and buy land elsewhere to resettle.
Patrick Okumu the Chairperson Land Owners Association requested government for more time until February next year to relocate so that they can harvest their crops from the garden.
He also said government must first complete payment of all the land owners before handing over it to the investor.
Patrick Omony Barolam, the Lakang parish Chief says he cannot vacate his land however it has been surveyed, validated and audited but no payment has been made.
Michael Lakony the Amuru district chairperson says he will write to the minister`s office requesting for more time and full payment of all the land owners.
Minister of Finance this year disbursed UGX 5.4 Billion in the first phase of the compensation of land Owners in the project area.
By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Amuru.

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