LC1 Caned, Fined UGX One Million for Stealing a Cow.

Patrick Komakech the local chairperson for Padwat West Village in Padwat Parish Palabek Ogili Sub County in Lamwo district has been caned six strokes for stealing a cow.
Local authorities and community of Padwat West alleges that Komakech and four others connived and slaughtered a cow belonging to Charles Kitara and sold the meat on Independence Day.
The cow was brought to the chairperson to announce its whereabouts after it was discovered lost and roaming in the community.
Kitara says his cattle went missing at the eve of Independence Day and was never recovered until a neighbor to Komakech alerted him that the cow was slaughtered and sold.
This prompted pressure from residents on Komakech demanding the whereabouts of the cow until he confessed to killing and selling the cow.
David Ojok Livingstone the area local chairperson for Odube Village in Apyeta parish which neighbors Padwat West said the angry residents subjected Komakech to six strokes and fined him UGX One Million Three Hundred Thousand in compensation.
The community also resolved in a meeting that Komakech must produce the four other people who are still at large. Meanwhile his office has been taken over by his vice Jennifer Nasimira.
Three cases of cattle theft were recorded in Palabek Ogili last month according to David Ojok Livingstone.

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