One Female Candidate Sits for UACE in Sir Samuel Baker School.

Only one girl is sitting for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Examinations-UACE at Sir Samuel Baker School in Gulu among 49 male candidates.
The School Deputy Head Teacher, Opiro Farouk identified the only female candidate as Dorcus Acan undertaking History Economics Geography and Computer (HEG/Comp).
Founded in 1953, Sir Samuel Baker School in Gulu district was a boarding single sex school with boys only until this year 2018 that it opened its doors for female students and day section after a resolution by the school administrators and parents.
The school which initially attracted thousands of students from the Greater Northern Uganda had started registering a decline in its enrolment and performances.
Farouk says the school has met challenges in recruiting many female students due to bad perception about the school which is said to be violent in nature.
Sir Samuel Baker School Secondary School was named after British Explorer Sir Samuel White Baker who explored the Nile tributaries around the Sudan and Ethiopian border.
It was built in 1948 and 1952 then commissioned by Governor Andrew Cohen in 1953, the year it opened its gate to pioneer students.
UACE on Monday started normally at the 16 centre’s in Gulu district according to Onyango Odong the district Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) coordinator.
By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Gulu.

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