Majority of Girls Shunning Cervical Cancer Vaccination.

Health officials have expressed worries over the low turn up of girls seeking vaccination against cervical cancer.
Uganda National Expanded Programme on Immunization (UNEPI) in November 2015 through the Ministry of Health launched the vaccination drive against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which causes cervical cancer.
The vaccination is an effort by government to have a generation free of cervical cancer.
It targets girls of ten years who are at their sexually active ages and vulnerable to contracting the disease if exposed to unprotected sex.
The vaccine is admitted in two doses namely HPV1 and HPV2. The first dose is given as soon as a girl turns 10 years and the second dose should be given six months after receiving the first dose.
But the HPV Vaccination Performance Report from health ministry indicate that there is still low turn up of girls for the drive with HPV2 being the most affected with less than 50% in the last three years.
In 2016, 83% received HPV1 but only 22% returned for HPV2, in 2017, 85% received HPV1 but 41% received the second dose while in 2018 out of 107% only 47% received HPV2 vaccine.
Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Ministry of Health Public Relations Officer says the ministry is concerned with the low turn up for HPV2 dose noting that the community have negative mind set towards vaccinations.
In Gulu, the Acting District Health Officer, Rose Okilangole Akello reveals that only 45% of girls returned for HPV2 out of 58% who received the first dose.
She explained that rumors among community state that the vaccine prevents their girls from child bearing in the future.
Okilangole said the same problem was experienced when the kick out polio vaccine was introduced.
Dr Paul Kaduyu, a senior gynecologist and senior clinic associate at Engender explained that HPV1 alone cannot prevent one from contracting cervical cancer.
He disclosed during an interview that cervical cancer is the leading cause of death related to cancer. Dr Kaduyu reveals that HPV also causes penile cancer, genital warts, anal cancer, vaginal cancer, and cancer of throat.
He urged young girls to receive all cycles of the doses noting that it prevents cervical cancer by 95%.
The ministry says they will embark on mass sensitization through community and institutional outreaches.
Over 80% women in Uganda are suffering from cervical cancer meanwhile 40% causes of cancer at the Uganda Cancer Institute registry results from cervical cancer.
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