Acholi Clergies Lecture South Sudan Rebels, Clergies on Peace.

Acholi clergy under the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative-ARLPI has engaged its counterpart in South Sudan and rebel leaders on attaining long lasting peace in their country.
The seven member clerics left for South Sudan on Thursday 16th May and returned on Sunday 19th after meeting the Inter Religious Council of Eastern Equatorial in South Sudan on invite of Torit State Arch Bishop, Bernard Oringa.
The committee was led by ARLPI chairperson, Rtd Bishop Nelson Onono Ongweng and Acholi District Muslim Khadi, Sheikh Musa Khelil. Others included ARLPI General Secretary Francis Lukwiya and Rev. Patrick Lumumba of the Protestant faith.
Bishop Onono disclosed during an interview from Gulu on Monday that they also toured rebel camps of the South Sudan Liberation Army in Opposition (IO) in Torit State led by General Justine Taban.
He said they shared with the rebels and South Sudan religious leaders on the dangers of wars noting that it affects children, women and service deliveries.
Onono added that they encouraged the rebels to think of the suffering women due to poor health services as well as children who cannot go to schools due to the war.
Sheikh Musa Khelil who is also the ARLPI Central Executive Committee Chairperson explained that they urged the rebels to comply with the Adisababa peace agreement of 2018 which seeks the cessation of hostility.
He disclosed that they were unable to see any single school along their way an indication that the conflict has greatly impacted on education.
Sheikh Musa revealed that they were able to tour the different rebel camps in Imatong, Kalicok, Kakweta and in the Torit state together with the United Nations and civil society organisations.
Bishop Onono also reported that the IO rebel leader, Justine Taban promised that they are no longer interested in war and are committed to restoring peace in the young country.
Rev. Patrick Lumumba said South Sudan government should disarm its citizens if wants to attain lasting peace. He said a number of people still own guns in South Sudan which is a threat to peace.
South Sudan since 2013 is undergoing armed conflicts between their rival leaders President Salvar Kiir and his Deputy Riek Machar over power.
The unrest has left 383,000 people dead according to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees report. Million others have also been displaced in the neighboring countries in quest for safe haven.
ARLPI spearheaded the 2006 Juba Peace Talks Agreement between the Lord`s Resistance Army-LRA and the government of Uganda.
It saw the cessation of fire which consequently contributed to peace in Northern Uganda.
ARLPI comprises of Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Seventh Day Adventist, Islam and the Pentecostal faiths.
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