Attiak Health Centre IV Sinking in Sea of Challenges.

Attiak Health Centre IV which is in Amuru district and the biggest health facility is chocking in heaps of challenges ranging from understaffing, inadequate equipment, transport and dilapidated structures.
The health centre serves the community of Amuru district, parts of Adjumani district and South Sudan but its only ambulance broke down two years ago, the facility also lacks a mortuary, it is also not fenced and has dilapidated wards with falling roofs.
Patrick Odong Olwedo, the Amuru District Health Officer-DHO says the health centre often run out of drugs and vaccines due to underfunding and this has greatly affected service deliveries.
He added that health workers are also overwhelmed by patients especially during rainy seasons when there is upsurge of malaria and other communicable diseases like measles.
Samuel Akera, the Attiak Health Centre IV management committee chairperson revealed that patients and attendants are forced to share rooms with corpses in case of fatal accidents and deaths in wards.
He disclosed that the recent case was in February where four people that perished in a road accident along Gulu-Nimule Highway where dumped in the facility`s surgical ward.
Angelo Ochieng, the In-charge of the Health Centre says animals roam the health facility causing public nuisance, intruders are also misusing the facility washrooms due to lack of fencing.
Christine Oyik Abol, the Attiak Kal Parish female councilor said pregnant mothers are the worst hit with transport challenges especially during referrals to Gulu Main Hospital and St Mary`s Hospital Lacor in case of birth complications.
Public transport fares from Attiak Sub County to Gulu costs between UGX 15,000 and 20,000.
Amuru district LCV chairperson, Michael Lakony said the district has earmarked UGX 300 million for a mega renovation of the facility this year.
Amuru has one health centre IV, five health centre threes and nineteen health centre twos.
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