100 Arua By-elections Torture Victims Undergo Treatment.

African Centre for Torture Victims-ACTV has extended treatment to 116 people who suffered torture in the 2018 Arua municipality by-election violence.
ACTV is a non-government organization which extends free treatment to torture victims in Uganda.
The victims drawn from the sub counties of River Olii and Arua Hill underwent medical, physiotherapy and psychological treatments and socio counseling.
Tonny Ojok, the ACTV legal officer said the exercise was conducted between January and June this year by a team of medical experts during a mobile medical camp.
Ojok says the turn up would have been overwhelming but some of the victims did not come for fear that the exercise was a trick by government to arrest them.
He explained that the most torture cases included physical and psychological which was inflicted by security agencies.
However those with complicated cases were referred for free treatment to health facilities.
Security on 13th August 2018 from Arua municipality wrestled with the crowd on the last day of the Arua municipality by-election.
They were quelling rowdy crowd who stoned President Yoweri Museveni`s motorcade. The president was rallying support for the National Resistance Movement-NRM party candidate Nusura Tiperu vying for the Arua municipality seat.
More than 33 people have been arrested over the chaos and charged with treason.
By Emmy Daniel Ojara. Arua.

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