Gulu Women Demands Ban On Kavera.

Several women in Gulu have asked government to enforce a ban on kavera and promote paper bags.
The women under their group Bus Park C Paper Bag Making Group said the existence of kavera in the market has greatly impacted on their business as well as on the environment.
They are among the beneficiaries women group under the Uganda Women Entrepreneurship (UWEP) fund.
Grace Aloyo, the group`s chairperson says the continuous sale of kavera has drastically limited their customers who says paper bags are expensive.
A dozen of small paper bags cost two shillings but cannot contain bulk items.
Aloyo says enforcing a ban on kavera will not only promote their business but also preserve human health by reducing risks of cancer from toxics emitted when food is packed in a kavera.
Scovia Apiyo, a treasurer of the group says they can hardly receive ten customers in a day a factor that has greatly impacted on their business and sustainability.
Apiyo disclosed that they received seven million shillings last financial year under UWEP and started up a business of making paper bags, candles, liquid soaps and other life skills training but now they risks collapsing.
Geoffrey Lakwonyero, the Gulu municipality focal point person says the group`s concern must be treated with respect.
Frank Mugabi, the UWEP Spokesperson under the Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development says they will reawaken government to enforce a ban on polythene and promote paper bags to preserve the environment.
Parliament in 2016 passed a law banning polythene over its disastrous nature. Polythene also known as kavera is hazardous to human health and a contributor to cancer, when being burnt its arising fumes emits hazardous hydrocarbon to the ozone layer which likely results to global warming.
It is also believed that food, water and liquids packed in kavera are infused with smaller toxic particles as a result of photo degradation which may cause cancer.
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