Gulu Locals Threaten to Close Health Centre Over Repeated Staff Absenteeism.

Locals of Palaro Sub County in Gulu district has threatened to close Oroko Health Centre II over repeated absenteeism of staffs.
The residents through the Health Unit Management Committee Chairperson, Benson Oloya Mutundawano says they are aggrieved with the health workers who appear on duty at will.
He disclosed that on Monday several patients were stranded at the health centre compound because all doors were closed and none of the seven staffs were present to attend to them during working hours.
Present at the facility was only Walter Okello a security guard who opened the gate early morning but said he was equally unaware of the whereabouts of all the staffs.
Mutundawano said they are disgusted with the health workers who have repeatedly absconded from duty and left patients stranded so the only option is close the health centre gate and demand for new competent staffs.
Nelson Mandela Odong the Oroko village LC1 chairperson says the community is unhappy because they come and find no staff to attend to them at working hours.
He discloses that this is the sixth time the staffs have absconded from duty this year alone and the district health department has taken no stringent measure against them even when they are notified.
Richard Otim Ajulia, the In-charge of Oroko Health Centre said in a phone interview that a meeting has been convened on Tuesday with the district health department to ascertain why the staffs did not appear for work.
Patrick Kinyera, the Palaro Sub County Councilor says it is common for health centre’s in this constituency to be closed without proper justifications.
Last year the Gulu District Executive Committee led by Rose Amono Abilli the Gulu district secretary for health grilled the in-charge of Oroko Health Centre after they found the facility closed during working hours.
Six staffs on duty were absent at the facility as residents seeking treatment waited in front of the facility.
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