Male Domestic Abuse Victims in Nwoya Suffering in Silence.

Several male domestic and abuse victims are suffering in silence in Nwoya district according to a report from the district probation office.
Statistics from the senior probation office shows that on average only two male victims of domestic abuse and violence reports to the probation office yearly compared to over 700 cases reported by women.
Most cases include beatings, emotional violence, psychological violence, threats and denial to property ownership.
Esther Auma, the Nwoya district senior probation officer says their finding during community outreaches indicate that several men are undergoing physical, psychological and economic violence in their homes.
She explains that male victims are too shy to report the cases for fear of stigma and feeling inferior in the society and lack of trust in the respective offices.
The victims instead end up to alcoholism, isolation or commits suicide in extreme cases.
Auma noted that men traditionally feel superior and once beaten by their women they shy to open up and report yet currently women are empowered and feel equal to men.
The probation officer without disclosing names said last week one man was battered by his wife in Purongo Sub County however he decided not to report.
She emphasised on the need for men to report domestic violence cases among them or else it will keep growing among the society.
The most affected areas are in Alero, Koch Goma, Lungulu and Purongo Sub Counties and Anaka Town Council.
Ben Okot, the Purongo Sub County Chairperson says many men in his area is equally facing the problem but many women feel free to open up and report.
One victim of domestic violence in Got Apwoyo who spoke on condition of anonymity says that he has for long been battered by his wife whenever they disagree on household issues.
But the victim says he is scared of disclosing his ordeal for fear of losing superiority among his fellows.
Agnes Akello Ebong, the Nwoya Resident District Commissioner says that majority of domestic violence victims are women.
Domestic violence and abuse includes physical beating, economic rights denial and abuses among others.
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