Paibona Sub County Alarmed as Incest Cases Shoots Up.

Paibona Sub County in Gulu district is alarmed by increasing cases of incest among youth.
At least ten cases of incest has been recorded in the Sub County this year compared to 2018 which had five.
The latest case was on 23rd August 2019 which involved a 20-year old Ronald Ocaya and his 18 year-old cousin Vicky Alimo, all residents of Tugu Lwala village in Paibona Sub County.
They are members of Koyo Sub Clan of the Acholi Chiefdom.
Michael Odong Kali Kali, the Koyo Clan Chairperson said that the two are fathering a two year old son born of their prohibited act.
Odong explained that the duo has refused to desist from their actions even after repeated cautioning by the clan leaders on grounds that their ancestry risk being terminated if they continue with their acts.
Richard Watmon, Paibona Sub County interim Chairperson said that his office has registered 15 cases since July last year.
Five cases were received in 2018 and ten cases since January 2019. Most offenders are aged between 15 and 25 years.
He explained that other cases were referred to police for further management while others were handled by the clan and Sub County leaders.
The leaders have blamed the increase on deteriorating cultural norms, influence of Western culture and technological advancement which never existed in the past.
Yusuf Okwonga Adek, the Rwot of Pageya Clan says incest is prohibited in Acholi Culture and attracts bad omen which may lead to death or madness of children born of it.
He explains that under Acholi Culture, those found guilty of incest swallow pieces of raw liver of a lamb in a bitter cleansing ritual performed by elders to appease their relations.
The ritual is considered the only remedy for incest. The two victims are never allowed to stay together to avoid holding their relation intact.
Section 149 of the Penal Code Act, states that incest is an offence punishable by seven years jail term or life imprisonment if one party is a minor below the age of consent.
The law protects societal morals and prohibits inbreeding.
In January this year, Ongedo Sub Clan in Palaro Chiefdom, in Acholi terminated the ancestry of two cousins who were found guilty of engaging in repeated acts of incest.
The two teenagers, Denis Boniface Oola and Shida Aber, were convicted of disgracing their ancestral lineage by deliberately performing prohibited acts of incest which resulted into a pregnancy and procurement of an abortion.
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