Presence of Unexploded Ordnance in Garden Scares Gulu Farmer.

A farmer in Gulu district is scared for his dear life which he feels threatened by the presence of unexploded ordnance in his farmland.
Patrick Oketta in March this year discovered the Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) while clearing his garden in Bobayo village Ayweri parish Paibona Sub County in Gulu district.
He then notified the office of the Sub County Chairperson, Richard Watmon who forwarded the matter to police and the forth division army barracks.
The bomb squad in the same month visited and cordoned the area for immediate detonation but to-date the weapon has remained in the farmland.
Oketta said that he is scared of the presence of the weapon in his garden and fears that it may explode anytime and hurt him and his family as they plough the land.
He has urged the bomb experts to speed up the process of the detonation so that he can resume work on his farmland.
Richard Watmon, the Paibona interim Chairperson says this part of the three unexploded ordnances that were discovered in separate farmlands in Lalaro and Bol Ipii villages all in Paibona Sub County in the same month.
He revealed that one which was at Walter Odongpiny`s garden was detonated by the bomb squad and the other was disposed in River Unyama by one Patrick Olara who also feared that it will hurt his family.
Major Caesar Otim Olweny, the forth division infantry army barracks Public Information Officer says the team will report to the area anytime to identify the abandoned unexploded ordnance for possible detonation.
He appealed to local leaders to always notify security agencies whenever they discover strange items in their areas.
Paibona Sub County formerly in Awach Sub County was one of the major hideouts of the Lord`s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group at the peak of the insurgency in Northern Uganda.
Patrick Jimmy Okema the Aswa river region police spokesperson says there are still scattered unexploded ordnances within Northern Uganda that were abandoned during the insurgency.
They are majorly unearthed by bush burning during the dry season and garden clearing during rainy seasons.
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