Thomas Kwoyelo`s Family Loses Only Transport Means to Court in Fraudulent Sale.

The family of former Lord`s Resistance Army commander, Thomas Kwoyelo has fraudulently lost their only cheap transport means to follow up court procession in Gulu Town.
The family through Kwoyelo`s eighth sister, Margaret Auma on the 10th November 2016 bought a Bajaj Motorcycle registration number UEN 785F at 3.5 million shillings to assist in transporting family members to attend Kwoyelo`s court at Gulu High Court.
Gulu High Court is about 80 kilometers away from Kwoyelo`s ancestral home in Olam Nyuru Village in Pogo Parish Pabbo Sub County Amuru district where his family resides to date.
Transport for each person to and fro cost 80,000 shillings on a public fare.
But Auma tearfully said on Tuesday that the motorcycle has since April this year vanished after the Gulu District Boda Boda Motorcycle chairperson, Thomas Oboma Okot and one Nicholas Otim connived and sold it to unidentified buyer.
Otim was the person operating the motorcycle to transport kwoyelo`s mother, his four children and other family members whenever there is court session.
Besides he would use it to raise money to pay Auma`s four children and cater for her needs as she conducted her fish mongering business in Gulu Town.
She explained that the two only told her that the motorcycle had been sold at two million two hundred and ten thousand shillings and the money deposited into the Gulu District Boda Boda Motorcycle Association bank account to purchase a new one.
The mother of four wonders how she will retrieve the money or motorcycle now that there is controversy at the Boda Boda office and the chairperson is on the loose. Nicholas Otim has equally become untraceable.
Auma says she reported the matter to Awere police post but nothing has yielded fruit. On Tuesday she travelled to the office of the Gulu Resident District commissioner, Major Santos Okot Lapolo to help address her plight but she did not find him.
When contacted , Simon Wokorach the Gulu district boda head of enforcement officer says Auma is now the 22nd person to file a case of fraudulent motorcycle sale against their chairperson Oboma.
In July this year the disciplinary committee of Gulu Boda Bda Association indefinitely suspended Thomas Oboma Okot from office on allegations of embezzling 33.6 million shillings, 33 motorcycles.
The motorcycles were donated to the association by Maj. Gen. Otema Awany, Catherine Lamwaka and Alfred Okwonga.
Kwoyelo has since 2011 been on trial at the International Crimes Division, a division of Uganda High Court.
He is facing 93 counts including murder, rape, defilement, destruction of crops and property, recruitment of child soldiers and other crimes against humanity committed in Northern Uganda.
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