Three Police Officers in Amuru in Trouble Over Suspects Escape.

Amuru. 30th/9/2019.
Police Professional Standards Unit (PSU) in Aswa region have arrested three of its officers for negligence leading to escape of three suspects.
They are Sgt Janet Baku, SPC Francis Obura and SPC Robert Acellam. They were picked up on Sunday evening from Attiak Police Station following the escape of two suspects accused of capital offences.
The suspects are Hassan Ochen who was arrested from Elegu in Bibia Parish and charged with murder and aggravated robbery vide CRB 32/2019 and the other is Collins Onen accused of defilement vide SD 13/23/9/2019 and were being held at Attiak police station.
Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa river region police spokesperson told Adwarping on Monday that the officers were on duty when the suspects escaped from custody. They have been charged with neglect of duty.
According to Okema the suspects` files had been sanctioned and they were to appear before court meanwhile the three officers files have been forwarded to Resident State Attorney for guidance.
The arrest according to Okema is to deter other police officers from negligence and concentrate on their duties during working hours.
He said that a manhunt has been launched for the suspects and equally asked the public to avail them with information about them.
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