Church Accused of Encroaching on Clan Land.

Paban clan in Paibona under the Acholi Chiefdom is accusing New Jerusalem Tabernacle Church of illegally occupying their 120 acres of land.
The clan leaders accuse the church of erecting its church premises and worship materials on one and half acres of the land situated in Paban in Kot-Omolo Sub Ward Acut Omer Parish in Paibona Sub County Gulu district.
New Jerusalem Tabernacle Church is owned by Severino Lukoya, the father of former leader of the Holy Spirit Movement rebel group Alice Lakwena.
Justine Oloya, the clan leader told Adwarping in an interview that Lukoya connived with a section of the clan members to construct his church on the clan land without consulting leaders.
Oloya explains that Lukoya last year seek the clan`s authority over the land however they declined but he went ahead to continue with the construction early this year.
Another clan member, Denis Oola says they are seeking assistance from Paibona Sub County leadership to oust the church from their land.
However, Lukoya has denied the allegations saying the land was offered to him by the family of John Lam who is a member of the clan.
John said that the land belongs to him and he offered it because he is a believer of the church.
Richard Watmon, the Paibiona Sub County interim chairperson acknowledged that his office is already handling the matter.
He however says Lukoya did not seek the Sub County`s authority while entering the area.
Watmon advises that Lukoya should rightfully acquire the land if need be or risk facing the community wrath.
Residents of Acut Omer Parish has repeatedly asked Okoya and his church to vacate their area arguing that his church practices is a nuisance and manifests in warlike means.
In May they burnt his worship materials and again in early September this year they paraded him out of their area.
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