Apaa Residents Reject Adjumani Health Workers for Mass Measles-Rubella Immunization.

Apaa residents have rejected to be vaccinated under Adjumani district in the on-going mass vaccination against measles and rubella diseases.

Government on Wednesday commenced the countrywide five days exercise that will run until the 20th of October this year. Over 18 million children aged 15 to zero will be vaccinated.

In the contested Apaa Township 5800 children will be vaccinated according to Christopher Ocen the head of Village Health Teams (VHT) in Apaa.

Ocen told Adwarping that the residents have vehemently rejected to be vaccinated by health workers from Adjumani district citing distrust.

He explained that during his outreaches the residents expressed fear of intoxication by Madi health workers whom they claim are unhappy with them because of the dispute over Apaa land.

On Tuesday a meeting of VHTs from Amuru and leaderships of Amuru and Adjumani was convened at Otwee Town Council over the immunization schedule but the community leaders from Apaa equally said they will not allow their people be vaccinated by Adjumani health workers.

Wilson Acuma, Apaa Local Chairperson one said his community members are still haunted by ghost of the 2017 land conflict with Madi speaking tribe of Adjumani that left over ten people dead.

Geoffrey Omony, the Labala Parish Councilor III where Apaa is located said health officials from Amuru and Adjumani districts on Tuesday agreed to hold the immunization by health workers from Amuru.

He said the exercise will be held at seven community schools functioning in the area.

Apaa has been at the epicenter of conflict between Madi tribe of Adjumani and Acholi of Amuru since 2013. Both claim ancestral ownership over the land.

In 2017 the minister for local government declared that Apaa was in Adjumani district a decision highly contested by the Acholi community.
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