Bishop Ojwang`s Health Condition Worsens.

Benjamin Ojwang, the retired Bishop of Kitgum Diocese is again battling for his life at Gulu Main Hospital barely a month after his discharge.
The 67-year old Bishop has been readmitted at the Private Wing at Gulu Main Hospital three weeks ago in critical condition.
He is battling diabetes, high blood pressure, high fever and persistent dry coughs just a month after being discharged from the same health facility with the same condition.
His wife, Margaret Ojwang said from her husband`s hospital bed side on Wednesday that doctors have also diagnosed her husband with new case of kidney problem and also investigating his persistent dry cough which has lasted for a month.
Margaret says her husband`s condition keeps fluctuating after every minute, she explains that Bishop Ojwang has been having no sense of human recognition nor talking for the last three weeks.
He is currently being fed through a tube and is on blood transfusion.
Doctors had advised the family to transfer Bishop Ojwang to Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala for specialized treatment however the wife says the family cannot foot the cost in Kampala and decided to keep him in Gulu which is financially fair for them.
The Bishop weekly requires at least 400,000 shillings for treatment excluding other expenses. Margaret says they are depending on donations from well-wishers, Christians and have equally informed church of Uganda.
Bishop Ojwang was recovering from a stroke he suffered in September last year that affected his movement and speech. The ailment has also left him unable to recognize people.
His wife says her husband`s health has been deteriorating since his forceful retirement from office and failure by Kitgum Diocese to clear his retirement package.
Ojwang served as the second Bishop of Kitgum Diocese in 2002 after replacing McLeod Baker Ochola.
He retired at 65 years after bickering with parishioners and clergies over his leadership conduct. He later sued Church of Uganda and the Archbishop, the Most Rev Stanley Ntagali over unfair removal from office. This left Kitgum Diocese without a Bishop for two years.
He handed over office in 2017 after court asked him to settle for an out of court negotiation culminating into the enthronement of Rev Wilson Kitara, the incumbent Bishop.
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