Waterborne Diseases Torment 1,300 Pupils in Amuru.

Waterborne diseases are tormenting over 1300 pupils in Amuru district after their only boreholes broke down several years ago.
The affected schools include Pagak Primary School in Lamogi Sub County with 861 pupils and Kali Kali community Primary School in Amuru Sub County with 435 pupils.
The pupils are not concentrating in classes and spending sleepless nights over a spike of waterborne diseases such as bilharzias, typhoid, dysentery and skin rashes.
They believe that they are contracting the diseases from drinking unprotected well waters and springs shared with animals.
Esther Aywek, the Pagak Primary School Head Girl told Adwarping during an interview from the school that they are drinking contaminated water from a nearby Apoto Ki Too well which is also shared by animals.
She disclosed that several pupils have reported with skin rashes especially the candidates who are in the boarding section as well as stomach aches and dysentery.
Stephen Oloya, the School Head Boy cried that the water is not safe for human consumption because it is contaminated with animal feaces and other waste from running water when it rains.
Tito Tabu, the vice chairperson Parents` Teachers Association (PTA) for Pagak Primary School confirmed that the learners are battling waterborne diseases which they believe to have been contracted from drinking dirty water sources at the school.
He says the pupils are not only battling the diseases but the water sources are also far from the school and shared with many residents of the community something that is time wasting especially for class hours among the learners.
Rose Ataro, the Pagak Primary School Deputy Head Teacher says their two boreholes broke down about three years ago and they have failed to repair.
She explains that the school has requested the district through the Sub County for two new boreholes since assessment by the district pump mechanics indicate that they can no longer be repaired.
At Kali Kali Primary School in Amuru Sub County, Martin Oyat the school head teacher says learners are feasting on unclean water from a nearby swamp after the school`s only borehole broke down about five years ago.
David Ocira, the Amuru Sub County Chairperson said the boreholes have been earmarked for repair this financial year.
The Kilak Constituency Member of Parliament, Gilbert Olanya said his office is aware of the challenges and planning to drill a borehole at Pagak primary school and repair the one at kali Kali.
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