2000 War Veterans to Receive Payment.

The Uganda People`s Defense Force (UPDF) have successfully vetted 2000 war veterans to receive payment for their pensions by November this year.
This is part of the first 10,000 files that were last year verified and sent to the defense and finance ministries for processing of payment.
Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Awany the commander of the reserve force disclosed during an interview from Gulu that 23,000 pensioners have met all the criteria and were successfully verified.
Lt-Gen. Otema explains that government has set aside 30 billion shillings for payment but the process of audit by the UPDF and finance ministry is what is delaying payment. He says the files are being sent to the ministry of finance in batches.
According to Otema, the UPDF Chief of Defense Forces, Jim Muhoozi is concerned with the delay in the payment process prompting him to send him as the Commander of Reserve Forces to hastily undertake the process.
Maj. Godfrey Richard Ogwal, the Pension Officer for Lira who oversees the Northern Region told Adwarping that 6000 pensioners from his region have been verified for payment since 2013 and are ready for payment by November this year.
However the Gulu Resident District Commissioner, Santos Okot Lapolo decried the tedious process of acquiring verification documents such as letters of administration and oaths saying the peasant farmers cannot afford and instead abandon the quest for payment.
He asked the army officials to also decentralize the verification process to district levels saying some pensioners cannot travel to other districts for verification as currently being done.
The pensioners include those who were part of the World War I and II, Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA), National Resistance Army (NRA), Uganda Alliance and FRONASA, among others.
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