Acholi And Alur To Cleanse Gipir And Labongo Curse.

By on December 3, 2015

Cultural leaders from ker kal kwaro acholi have set 12th/12/2015 to conduct a cleansing ceremony at Pubungu to reunite and reconcile Acholi and Alur tribes who have separated since the time of Labongo and Gipir in 1395.

Odong George MP information officer and publicity Ker Kal Kwaro Acholi says the disunity between the two has brought curse upon the Luo people.

He added that the cleansing ceremony also aims at reviving acholi culture and mending unity between the two tribes.

Omara Puna from Attiak in Amuru district who is a member of the reconciliation team says the Luo should accept their problems because many bad things happening to them is as a result from the curse of their gods who are unhappy with them.

He said everyone in their profession has their roles to play to ensure that Acholi and Alur becomes one people and their sufferings end.

Lamwaka veronica great granddaughter of Labongo from Puranga chiefdom added that the Luo were prosperous people in life and living peacefully but today there are is much disunity among Luo kingdoms and fighting for power.

She says all kinds of diseases including Ebola, Hepatitis B, Cholera, diabetes, Hypertension are curses of Luo gods who are unhappy since the Labongo and Gipir separated.

She noted that the cleansing ceremony Undoing curses made by fore fathers of the Luo in order to bring unity and lasting peace among the Luo people worldwide.

The ceremony shall be followed by the Luo marathon on the 13th/12/2015 to create awareness on health and kick out unwanted diseases among the Luo people and a Luo reunion ceremony on the 16th/1/2016 at Karuma falls.

 They however say they need assistance of 26,879,000 shillings to conduct all the activities.

By Emmy Ojara.Gulu.



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