Africa Is The Next Economic Boom Says Gulu Entrepreneur.

 A Gulu based entrepreneur Timothy Jokkene Okee has predicted that Africa will be the next economic boom after Europe and Middle East.

He says currently the Eastern world comprising of China and Asia are the giant economic countries in the world which will soon cool down. He predicts that most of this countries will soon loss their values and Africa will take over economically.

Jokkene notes that Africa is the place to invest in because it is endowed with all the best resources in the world including balanced period between sun and darkness each for 12 hours, excellent climate, good evenly distributed rainfall, virgin arable land, unexploited minerals.

With the fast growing population in Africa, Jokkene thinks Africa`s major challenges are market, missing link in knowledge and technology.

He advised on the need of tapping the missing link in knowledge, and technology from the western world because it already has enough man power.

Jokkene advised Africans to think wise and make good business plans to prosper instead of redundancy and idleness which he notes that contributes to poverty and conflicts among its people.

A born of 1958, Jokkene started his investment in 1989 from Gulu town with a petrol station. He continuously invested in other business which among them he runs 3 petrol stations, Talanta microfinance in Gulu town, Karin Medical Centre also in Gulu, a secondary school in Kitgum and a ranch in Lagot-Lek village Palaro sub county Gulu district which hosts over 500 herds of cattle.

He plans to open up a meat and milk processing industry in Gulu town and help farmers through agricultural modernization and mechanization.

By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Gulu.


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