Albino Children Shifts School Due To Stigma.

Two Albino children Daniel Rubangakene and his sister Rebecca Masala were on Tuesday enrolled at Prisons Primary School in Gulu town after suffering stigmatization from their previous schools in Paicho.

The children were transferred at the school with collaboration of Galxay poets of Northern Uganda and parents of the children.

Margaret Akech the mother of the children says they were facing stigmatization from pupils at Paicho primary school were the children were previously attending school factor which forced them to drop out from school.

Rubangakene has enrolled in primary three while her sister joined primary four.

James Onono Ojok the coordinator Galaxy poets of Northern Uganda says his entity has been lobbying for money from friends and well-wishers to support education of the children who are despised by members of the community.

Among them is Kica Emmanuel a senior one pupil at Pope Paul Anaka Secondary School in Anaka sub county, Nwoya district.

He notes that people are still naïve of albino condition so they decided to transfer the children from their previous school to get better learning environment and good performance. Onono says Gulu prisons primary school has trained teachers who can handle learners living with such conditions.

Christopher Charles Opira the head teacher Gulu primary school notes that the children will be much safer at the school because of adequate trained teachers that handles persons with special needs and mental retardations.

He says these are the first learners with albino conditions that have been enrolled in the school for the past thirty years.

Irene Lajwee Grace the class teacher for one of the children Masala says she will work with fellow class members of the albino children to befriend her and avoid stigmatization.

The school has allocated the front seat for the children because of their vision impureness, Rubangakene has also been allowed to wear a trouser and long sleeve shirt while his sister wears long skirts and long sleeve shirt with a head soak due to sun heat.

Albinism is a condition which reduces the amount of melanin pigment formed in the skin, hair and the eye.

By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Gulu.

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