Amuru School Has No Drinking Water.

By on July 13, 2017

Rec Iceke primary school in Toro parish Amuru sub county Amuru district has spent close to two years without a clean source of drinking water.

Apollo Okello the Amuru district secretary for health and education says the school`s functional borehole broke down in 2015 and the school currently shares a borehole with Muteema Health Centre II which is almost half kilometer away from the school.

He blamed that the borehole broke down due to mismanagement by the school pupils and the neighboring community who also fetches water from there.

According to Okello the borehole has been destroyed beyond repair according to assessments by the district water officer.

He notes that the district is planning to construct a new borehole in the school after approving the Amuru district budget for financial year 2017/2018.

Denis Openy Onen the Toro parish councilor and speaker Amuru sub county says learners in the school especially girls claims they go out to get drinking water but ends up dodging classes and going to their lovers home.

He notes that others sometimes also return late to classes when the borehole at the health Centre is congested. There are also no change rooms for girls in the school according to Openy.

The school has a population of 974 pupils according to the 2017 enrolment.

By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Amuru.


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