Business Communities Counting Profits As School Children Returns To School

Business firms in Gulu district have reported profits this season as children resume school.
Odur John chairman Gulu tailors association says within this season as children returns to school they count profits because they gets contract from some schools who wants they prepare uniforms for school children making them earn not as other seasons when business keeps stuck until the festive seasons when demand for new clothes are on the rise.
Okello Francis a metal case vendor at Gulu main market says during this season that school children returns to school he gets between 500.000 thousand shillings and 1 million from his business not as before when sells are very low it is hard to raise even 100.000 shillings in a day.
Opiyo Geoffrey the chairman Gulu main market also confirmed increase in their sales though in not all the fields, he says scholastic materials are the most selling goods currently. He urged vendors to be mindful of what type of goods they buy and the season they are most demanded for.
Women who invest in ‘’malwa’’ a locally brewed alcohol reported the lowest sales this season saying they only sell between 30.000 to 60.000 in a day not as before that they raise over a hundred thousand in a day.
Anyoda Paska who sells ‘’malwa’’ at Kanyagoga with ‘’wore Keni group’’ says when children returns to school they get their lowest sells because parents tend to keep money for their children’s school dues but between march their business stabilizes and they earn at least
that much.

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