Foods you should eat to keep a healthy prostate

It is estimated that close to 5,000 cases of cancer are registered at the Uganda Cancer Institute and lately, prostate cancer is on the rise among men. A study by the institute... Read more »

Over 300.000 Women of Reproductive Age Living With Diabetes in Uganda.

Over 300.000 women of reproductive age are living with diabetes in Uganda while 80% of Ugandans are unaware of their status according to information from the Ministry of Health official website. World... Read more »

Acholi Sub Region To Benefit From One Billion Eye Care Project.

Acholi sub region is expected to benefit from a one billion eye care project which has been launched by the Lions Club of Uganda in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. The... Read more »

Omoro To Host Global Hand Washing Day Amidst Serious Water Shortage.

  The newly created district of Omoro is organizing to host the Global hand washing day on Monday the 16th of this month at their district headquarters in Lalogi with a theme... Read more »

Young Boy In Dare Need Of Medical Support As His Noes To Rot Away.

It all started with Flu as narrated by the mother Lilly Okot, The young boy Oloya Ambrose is growing up with lot of pain as one of the nose is blocked with... Read more »