CSO Wants Inclusion In Government’s Functionality.

By on July 13, 2017

Civil society budget advocacy group (CSBAG) has called upon local governments to fully involve them in the course of delivering services to the people.

The chairperson of CSBAG in Apac Moses Otwang said that if accountability should be achieved, they need to involve civil society actors and advocates from planning, implementation and monitoring.

Otwang who coordinates activities of Action for Development (ACFODE) told journalist on Thursday morning.

However, ACFODE organized a one day joint council meeting between councilors from Gulu district and Apac district held at Golden peace hotel in Gulu town.

This was to enhance and promote service delivery and Gulu district council was chosen to be the host as advocates coalition for development (ACODE’s) reports for the last three years indicate that Gulu district is the best performing local government overall in service delivery.

During the meeting, eleven female councilors and five political heads of Apac attended the council meeting to aid them in experience and ideology sharing for the good of the local people.

Recently Sam Jamara, the coordinator of NGO link forum Apac attributed the success of Apac district local government to activism by CSOs.

Bob Okae, the district LCV chairperson of Apac warned CSOs and NGOs not to deviate from their core values and principles.

Okae was addressing the press at his office on Tuesday when he stated that some staffs at NGOs have political ambitions and are using their organization to champion political interest.

He cited the need not to involve politicians in the operationalization and daily business of non-governmental organizations.

By Daniel Okwir.Apac.

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