“GEOFF, FOR LANGO CHARITY” Another Son Of Lango In A 42Km Marathon In London.

By on April 22, 2016

It's just 3 days to go to London Marathon 2016, which will be run to raise funds For Lango Association Charity. The Marathon will be this Sunday 24 April 2016.

Although the official start time is 10am for the category, Geoffrey Odur might not start actual running until 10:30 due to crowd effects with about 36,000 people of different speed limit taking part, meaning he could start by walking, jogging, and a lot of overtaking to get a good time.

The marathon is a 26.2 miles or 42km tramping on the streets of London.

“I hope you can all look out for me. If you are lucky depending on what stage I am, you will see a swanky young lad, speeding past everyone (with his wave blowing everyone by as he goes) or you might see an image of this poor young man, wearing his running number,attached with print of my name and cause “GEOFF, FOR LANGO CHARITY”, Odur noted.

It is on record that this is not the first time he is participating in the marathon though this time he said his training has not been perfect, a bit of niggling injury here and there.

“I hope to finish in 3.5 hours, which would be nearly half an hour improvement from last year”.

This year it’s a simple attire, a running vest and shorts or whatever seems comfortable on the day. But next year if I have a chance, I will run in a Lango or Masai Warrior attire or a cool chicken wearing dark shades and donning a Scottish kilt Odur said. 

So far the fundraising aspects has gone very well and we have raised nearly £1000 of our £3000 target towards Lango Association good causes. Some of you have already donated.

We have a whatsApp group created to coordinate this fundraising, being managed by all LA UK committee members. We also have many people raising through their work colleagues and friends on our behalf. There is opportunity for you to take part too. The donation and campaign will run for 3 months until 31 August 2016 (please feel free to be generous), as we are aiming to raise, and it would be great to raise well over that. Please feel free to pledge your donation and we shall acknowledge and forward you how to make payments shortly.

Now some of you may be wondering what a good amount to donate is. The advice I gave to my colleagues in the committee was £50 each. Fortunately, for them that's what we are going with not that they had much choice, a very fair dictatorship indeed. But for the rest of you please donate what you can afford (less is more and more is good).

Those of you who would like to approach your work places on our behalf, I have attached a sponsor form, please include your name on top right corner to say you are fundraising on our behalf and notify myself or a committee member. Please for now just take name their name and contact information, as our online donation link will be forwarded. We do not want to miss this Marathon week.

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