Girls Posed With Demonic Spirits

By Ronnie Layoo


The chairman LC three Ongako sub county Mr. Emmanuel Luru says that he is worried of an unidentified sickness which has befell girls in Kweyo center and Abwoc Parish which has caused fear and panic.

He says that the sickness is attacking girls and their care takers making them to  shout and run into the bushes making noise and becoming nuisance to the community.

Luru says that over 8 girls are suffering from this sickness, and he is worried that it transfers very rapidly.

The sickness normally attacks young girls aged between 10-15 and according to the chairman of the sub county notes that he is worried that even one adult has been a victim.

Mr. Luru says that they invited a health practitioner from Ongako health center three who recommended that the affected girls be given medical attention, emphasizing that it’s due to over thinking and stress which has caused the madness.

Luru says that the cultural institution have also been notified weather they can carry out traditional practices to cleanse the evil spirits.

Chairman Luru has also appealed to the general community to be vigilant and ensure that various interventions are made to address the sickness.

According to one of the residents in the area Muzee Yayiro Opige says that the madness is due to atrocities committee during the peak of the insurgency and the individuals who participated never attended a cleansing ceremony reasons for demonic possession.

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  1. Such funny illness that cannot easily be traced or diognised by medics should be left with the religious men of God who are known fro driving out demons to handle.

    There has been similar cases in a number of primary schools, but soon after prayers were held, all came to an end.

    I want to appeal to the Chairman to engage the men of God to hold some serious prayers over that. This wil;l work out.

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