Government Programs Defectors To Face Criminal Charges

People involved in defecting government programs aimed at benefiting the local community in the fight against poverty at household levels shall face criminal charges if found guilty of the crimes by court.
Catherine Lamwaka the resident commissioner Gulu district during an interview with journalists this week reported saying government is committed to helping the local people but there a few individuals who tries to tarnish government names by embezzling funds sent by government to the local people, she says defectors of such crimes shall be brought to book and if any of them found guilty In the court of law then shall be charged with corruption and forced to pay the money they misused.
Lamwaka who exemplified to leaders of the Acholi war debt claimants association who are currently being alleged of misappropriating billions of shillings meant to pay war debts in the Acholi sub region.
She says investigation for how the money was used is ongoing and if perpetrators found guilty they shall pay the money and sent before chief magistrate for explanation.
the district commissioner praised government for fighting poverty right from household levels in Uganda urged opposition to government who spell criticisms to join hands and work together with government to fully accomplish goals the country is aiming at and as well appreciate government for the little they have done for the country.


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