Gulu CAO Sues District Executive Committee.

Gulu chief administrative officer has sued the district executive committee who include the district chairman Ojara Martine Mapenduzi, his vice Oola Simon Peter, Amono  Abili councilor, Santa Oketta and Kinyera Patrick.

According to the letter written by her Lawyers M Mugimba and Co advocates referred to the petition that the district council resolved on the 17 to 23 of which they say was illegal and not enshrined in the constitution of Uganda.

The other aspect that the CAO’s lawyer emphasized is the actions of the district executive committee who stormed the CAO’s office and forcefully removed her keys while uttering abusive languages.

The Advocates wants the DEC to pay the CAO 500 million shillings in inconveniences and damages caused as well as writing apology letters to all media houses on their actions at the same time pay legal fees of 100 million to the lawyers.

In February the district council resolved to impeach the CAO but only returned to resume work by first reporting to police and later on proceeded to her office at the district headquarters following a letter written by the permanent secretary ministry of local government assuring that the district council doesn’t have the mandate to impeach any CAO except the treasure ministry of finance.

Earlier on Ms Ajwang stated that there is a lot to be done which includes approving the budget as well as paying Gulu district local government staff and Councilors who have not yet been paid for one month while resuming office.

‘‘Politicians should give me space as the vulnerable people in Gulu who need me, there is nobody who can do the work am doing in Gulu that’s why the government has sent me here, I should be allowed to do my work’’.

But about the district executive committee, Councilors who attacked her, Ms Ajwang seems to have changed her previous position where she noted that ‘‘Am not going to waste my time on those Councilors, what I want is more engagements with the community to continue giving me counselling service as Gulu is bigger than any of us’’ she hinted, and has now resorted to legal means address her anger against the councilors.

However before her arrival the district chairman Ojara Martin Mapenduzi on the 27th of February wrote a letter to all line offices that as the district they have no objection for the coming of the CAO.

He also noted that they had a meeting with the district executive committee who acknowledged that the CAO is free to regain her office and in line with the decision reached by the permanent secretary ministry of local government.

However in the letter the chairman also stated that the decision taken by council to impeach the CAO was procedural and based on genuine grounds.

Mapenduzi in his letter also says that some time back himself and the DEC traveled to Kampala and met the minister and presented their grievances against the CAO but unfortunately the investigation report from both ministry of local government and NAADS/ Operation wealth creation have never been acted on month after the reports were made ready.

By Our Reporter.Gulu.

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