Gulu District Bosses Rejects Rotten Sorghum Seeds.

Authorities in Gulu district have rejected Sorghum seeds supplied by Victoria Seeds Company under operation wealth Operation saying they are rotten and would not germinate if planted by the farmers.

The seeds which were distributed to the various sub counties in a vehicle registration number UAQ 752Q was rejected by authorities.

Obol Justine Simple the Gulu district councilor 5 representing the people of Laroo Division in Gulu Municipality rejected the seeds saying they were not in good quality since they were rotten.

Obol protests the seeds saying they should not be distributed to the people in Gulu.

‘‘Gulu district isn’t a dumping ground therefore the owners of Victoria seeds need to be warned that they will be investigated and arrested for supplying rotten seeds’’, Obol noted.

Francesca Amony a women councilor representing the people of Pece division intercepted the seeds saying the seeds supplied by Victoria seeds were below the standards.

 ‘‘Suppliers should stop bringing rotten stock to the people and such suppliers should not be entertained in the district. They should not be given contracts to supply any products in the district’’, says Amony.

Dorothy Ajuwang the Gulu Chief administrative officers refused to approve the distribution forms saying that the seeds needed to be investigated well before she signs the distribution forms.

The vehicle containing the seeds was later on sent to Gulu central police station to record a statement.

‘’We shall terminate the contracts of those who don’t respect terms and conditions in their contracts. This is not acceptable’’, says Ajwang.

Josephine Ayugi the managing Director Victoria seeds when contacted denied the allegations that their seeds were rotten.

Ayugi maintains that the seeds in question don’t belong to them but to Jalson foundation.

By Ronnie Layoo.Gulu.

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