Kwania MP Blocked From Deliberating In Council.

By on July 7, 2017

A cross section of councilors of Apac district has refuted the speaker’s position claiming council propelled him not to allow Tony Ayo Kwania county lawmaker speak in council.

Five members of the twenty four councilors led by Ms Florence Acuma the female youth representative told journalists that the speaker made a decision on behalf of the council without consultation.

The other councilors included Hon David Odora, from Chegere, Hon Ewany Margret, older persons female, Hon Egwel Gilbert of Apac municipality, and Hon Fatuma Adongo from Chawente sub county, however other councilors claimed they could not comment.

This was after MP Ayo requested that he delivers his speech as he had other commitments.

Hon Acuma said speaker claimed some councilors of whom they were part of, adding that Ayo is an ex-official and denying him opportunity to speak has made council to miss vital information from parliament.

The statement follows a dramatic occasion which took place at 02.10 pm during the council meeting of Apac held at scout’s hall, where the speaker Hon. Jimmy E Okello, ruled that Kwania county MP should write an apology before he is given priority.

Hon Okello, the district speaker had given the MP a condition basing on an event of 22nd June during the youth integrity forum.

The speaker argues that words of insults against him were a symbolic insult on the entire council who voted for him and his electorates in Nambieso Sub County, and demanded for an apology.

MP Ayo said he will not make an apology to council or speaker, “am legally an ex-official to give guidance in council, he (the speaker) has blocked me from speaking because I was ready to expose their weaknesses and we are not moving any step backward.”

Ayo said the district budget for the just ended financial year 2016/2017 has been mismanaged and other issues arising from the report of parliamentary accounts committee of 29th June scared the speaker to give time to air out guidance that denounce corruption tendencies.

Immediately after being told to write an apology MP Ayo left the council hall and left for another gathering which he said he was to attend.

However while responding to issues that came out of council, Bob Okae who is the district chairperson LCV said the speaker rules over council, adding that when the issue of tasking the MP to apologize in writing councilors kept tight lipped.

“If the councilors who were not contented, they would have objected it straight away but they didn’t.”

Hon Okae said it is the same Kwania county legislator (Ayo Tony) misguiding the public through the local media yet the district council is fully composed with five functional standing committees.

He later said that much as there are still gaps, there is need to acknowledge that there is success at particular points.

By Daniel Okwir.Apac.

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