Lango Premier, Pro-Mbabazi Clan Chiefs War Deepens.

War of words has erupted between Lango Cultural Foundation Prime Minister Dr. Richard Nam and over 10 clan chiefs who are backing the former premier and 2016 presidential hopeful John Patrick Amama Mbabazi’s presidential bid.

According to reports, the Anti-Yosam Odur clan chiefs who are loyalists to Charles Olet, the embattled rival Paramount Chief secretly met Amama Mbabazi  at 291 Suites Hotel in Odokomit, Kampala road on the 26th November, 2015, in the night after addressing his supporters at Akii Bua Memorial grounds.

The dozens who included former speaker of Lango Cultural Foundation(LCF) Wakili Okello, Tom Anang Odur, Joe Olang and others, affirmed their support to Amama and vowed to mobilize Langi's from all corners of the World to back him up.

In his comment to Adwarping Tom Anang Odur, the former FDC member said there was nothing wrong with them meeting Amama Mbabazi.

The former legislator blamed the Cultural Foundation under the leadership of Won Nyaci and Dr. Nam the premier for showing bad example to the rest of the clan chiefs by supporting president Museveni and giving him a Sword and Spear while campaigning in Dokolo.

According to Dr. Nam, for any clan chief to meet any presidential candidate, he or she must seek permission from the Paramount Chief Won Nyaci or himself. 

“They (clan chiefs) have done a very bad thing by meeting Mbabazi without our consent. It was illegal for them to do so,” Nam said of the Pro-Mbabazi clan chiefs, adding that His Highness, the Paramount Chief will address that issue. 

Asked why he and Won Nyaci Yosam Odur asked all the people of Lango and his subjects to support Presdient Museveni’s fifth term and going further  to hand him a shield, sword and spear, the premier said Won Nyaci did so to  Museveni as a serving Head of State seeking re-election. Nam also added that it’s good for the people of Lango to vote back Museveni after restoring peace in the region.

By Emmy Akwam.Lira.


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