Military Court Martial Bails Officer From Murder Of Mentally Sick Person.

By on July 7, 2017

Private Kidega Samuel-(RA219904) has been bailed from the murder charge he was suspected to have committed at Palaro Sub County in Gulu district, causing the death of a mentally impaired woman.

Private Kidega attached to Palaro 55th UPDF infantry battalion was arrested on the 7th October 2016 on suspicion that he might have killed Mary Aida Yona, a resident of Palaro in Aswa sub county  Gulu district, he denied the charge urging that he was not in Palaro.

The deceased was murdered on 1st Oct 2016 near a store belonging to Cooperative Union for cotton that night Palaro trading center had a public market day for auction, the suspected person allegedly had forceful sex with the deceased causing bruises on her body and later strangled her to death. Evidence presented to court shows that at the scene of crime, Dog tag belonging to the accused was found plus three condoms, one used and the rest were not used.

The evidence that linked the accused to the incident was that his (Kidega) ‘Dog tag’ bearing his service particulars was found at the scene of crime.

But the accused, who denied the charge, defended himself by telling court that on the fateful day of the incident he was on leave at his home in Laliya in Gulu town about 22 miles from his duty station and that he had earlier before the death of Aida Yona, reported for the loss of his Dog tag to his Unit commander, Capt. Daudi Mohamed.

Defense witness, Lanyero Nighty, 28, civilian told court that Private Kidega appeared home on the 30th September 2016 and stayed home until he left home on 2nd of October 2016 to report back for duty.

“Bail is a constitutional right.  in deliberation, court has noted the investigation was completed, the accused can no longer interfere with the court process but however court put measure that the accused person should report to the office of the legal office every Friday and should remain within the premises of 4th Division headquarters until conclusion of the case” Col. Olanya Ojara chaiman court martial read the ruling.

Capt. Daudi Mohamed who was the defense witness for the accused also told the court that he had given Private Kidega duty leave and by the time the incident happened Private Kidega was on leave. He added that Kidega had also reported earlier about the loss of his Dog tag before the deceased was murdered.

Court under the Chairmanship of Col. Olanya Ojara granted Kidega court bail after his defense lawyer Capt. Blasio Chodo appealed before the court hearing that Kidega who was on remand since October 2016, has never had access to his three wives and 12 children who badly need him.

Meanwhile the Military Court marital didn’t pronounce the date for reading of sentence.

Capt. Lawrence Draga, who is the new spokesperson of the  4th  Division replacing  Lt. Hassan Kato Mohamed noted the same court is taking a one week period and will  also attend capital cases ranging from service related charges and capital offence including aggravated defilement.

By Layoo Ronnie.Gulu.


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