MP Awarded 26 ‘Living’ Medals, Promises To Imprison CAO.

The Apac district woman Member of Parliament on Friday surprised the crowd at Apac boma grounds during the district celebration of the international women’s day by awarding ‘living medals’.

Mrs. (Hon) Awor Betty Engola shocked participants when she said I am awarding great women of her constituency, however when it was time for
the award, a tipper lorry carrying 26 goats went closer to the podium.

According to Hon Awor, the twenty six beneficiaries, two from each of the eleven indigenous sub counties in the district, comprising of
former civil servants and politicians at various levels.

Dr Joyce Moriku Kaduco, state minister for primary health care officiated the occasion, and handed over the ‘medals’, under the theme Women’s empowerment in the changing world of work.

Addressing the gathering she challenged the chief administrative officer  (CAO) not to award contracts, tenders to contractors’ who give percentage kickbacks but rather mind of the local people.

Minister said the CAO Apac Saraphine Alia is her brother in law, “the CAO here married my sister, I will take him to prison if he mismanages money for Apac hospital.

She highlighted that the contractors mismanaged the shs 300m for the renovation of Antenatal care clinic and maternity wards at Apac hospital, explaining that the facility now only has fully functional solar power yet it was supposed to have three different lines for electric power, generator and solar systems.

The minister on a sad not asked the speaker of Apac district council who represented the district chairperson that she was disappointed, pass to him this message “Why does he decide to go and handover grinding machines, whatsoever, he was to host the minister, this is time for development not campaigns,” adding that such mentality has to be halted.

On drug theft, she said Apac is on record and asked the health officer together with the CAO to avoid such circumstances reoccurring.

The health ministry has planned shs one billion shillings to facelift Apac hospital pending approval from parliament, a supplement to the ongoing renovation of the theatre which was estimated at shs 200m.

Dr Moruku said Dr Jane Acheng the minister for health has a very keen interest in the renovations ongoing in Apac Hospital and the accumulated power bills of shs 219m, at Apac hospital.

According to her, legislators from Apac speak in the floor of parliament without reaching to the grassroots because they make us discuss what they think, this is portraying a bad image of the ministry and government as a whole.

Hon Sam Engola, NRM vice chairperson for northern Uganda attended the celebration alongside Oscar Omony, and the district chairperson for Kole Mrs Betty Nam amongst other guests and the local community.

Since the national celebrations in Dokolo districts, officials in Apac kept postponing the event till Friday (28th April) on accounts that there was no funding, however sources said the RDC and MP kept demanding till it was held.

On Tuesday the district speaker Jimmy Okello Ecun apologized during a radio talk show on Devine 90.6 fm  (at 08.27 pm) for having not held the women’s day celebrations in 2016, 2015, 2014, adding that they diverted the money to other activities when it cannot wholly facilitate the events, but did not clarify to what activities.


By Daniel Okwir.Apac.

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