Museveni spends more than 200 million launching a vehicle and six motorcycles.

By on June 2, 2015

By Ronnie Layoo.Gulu

As 2016 comes closer the president of the republic of Uganda is
spending more  money on programs which are not worth
national development.
Recently in a function organized by the deputy speaker Jacob Oluanya
at his constituency in Omoro Gulu district the president flew in with
a helicopter from Kampala which is estimated that over 200 million was
spent just to launch an outdated political ambulance and distribution
of six motorcycles.
In less than 2 months the President has visited the Acholi sub region
more than 3 times and when calculated over a billion shillings has so
far been spent in travels.
Yet the message the president preaches is prosperity for all amidst
desperate poor population who could benefit from the money he uses as
his travel cost.
Recently while launching the modern market in Gulu the president told
various groups that turned up that he is very broke and waiting for
the financial year to begin in order for the government to allocate
him more money to give his supporters.
The message for prosperity for all can only be associated to a few
fellows close to state houses and this can’t come to effect after he
killed all the parastatals bodies like Uganda commercial bank, Uganda
cooperatives and Uganda railway which were at the forefront in
employing and providing soft loans to Ugandans for development.
It’s evidently documented that most institution in the country are
stinking with corruption and this is attributed to his effort in
killing them so that he can be the fulcrum of the country as most of
those involved are colleagues in his regime for-rein stance the
Temangalo scandal which involved in Amama Mbabazi who swindled
billions of shillings from NSSF.
Political critics noted that the death of institution has given
opportunity for politicians to impersonate responsibility of the
government such as providing quality health care and creation of
employment which now they purport as saviors of the less fortunate.
In one of the cultural gathering the chief in the land castigated
politicians for overriding on failures of the regime to flourish and
deceive the masses with substandard and dumped items in order to win
votes and continue their stay in power.
In the region most members of parliament are embarking on buying
ambulances, road works and providing education in their constituencies
which in the past is the responsibility of the government to ensure
that social service are satisfactory and members of parliament debate
law which are pro people.
But in this 9th parliament the members have been influenced by the
caucus meeting head by the president and have been able to pass
draconian laws which are not appreciated by the local people like the
public order management bill which halts any form of gathering except
with acceptance from the inspector general of police.


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