Omoro District Bans Operation of Video Halls Near Schools And Health Centers.

By on July 7, 2017

Omoro district has restricted the opening times for video halls in the district and equally banned their operations near public places including schools and health centers.

The Omoro district local government chairperson Douglas Peter Okello says the resolution was made in the districts full third council meeting held last year.

According to the district chairman the resolution restricts that all video halls should be opened not earlier than 4:00PM, children below eighteen years should not be allowed inside the video halls, video halls should not be established near public places such as health centers and schools. Among them is also banning of translated movies into the local language with obscene languages.

Okello says operation of the video halls near public places causes noise pollution and affects normal operations and concentration especially in schools. He notes that anyone who violates the law will be banned from operation, their equipment confiscated and operation license withdrawn since they were all informed in writings prior to the operations.

Justine Odong Obiya the Koro sub county chairperson says they have started the exercise already. It is expected to end on Tuesday next week and followed by assessments.

Odong says two video halls have been spotted and will be closed because they are operating next to schools. All registered video halls will be issued operation license which amount shall be agreed upon by the council.

By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Omoro.

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