Parents Complain Of Their Goats And Chicken Confiscated To Pay Teachers Salary.

By on July 16, 2017

Oyuku Gala primary school located in Latanya sub county Oyuku village 32 kilometres from Pader district town council first begun as a community school in 2007 before being coded by the government in the financial year 2016/2017.

The school is among the 9 community schools that was started by the public and before pupils were learning under the trees and in grass thatched class rooms with inadequate teaching facilities and staff with a population of only 50 pupils but now due to support of Action Aid and patterns from action aid Greece since 2014 they have been constructing class rooms, bore hole and creation of an early childhood development Centre which has in turn increased enrolment to over 415 pupils.

However parent’s teachers association and the community formulated a resolution to ensure that teachers are paid so parents who default on paying school fees of 10 thousand shillings per term their goats or chicken is confiscated and sold off so as to cater for their pupil’s school fees.

One of the pupils Oweko Francis P6 who moves over 6 kilometres to access the school bare footed and in future wants to become a doctor noted while coming to school several challenges are experienced which includes bad roads especially during the rainy session, bushy foot paths and the fact that once his parents fails to pay fees their goats or chicken will have to be confiscated and sold off.

Apiyo Florence a parent with four pupils in the same school stated that as parents they farm in order to pay their childrens school fees yet changes in climate and too much sun shine affects farm production and yet by selling the farm products that’s were school fees is got.

If we fail to pay fees our goats or chicken is normally confiscated creating a very difficult experience, ‘‘like for me I have four children at the school and before the farm products get ready I can’t pay fees and when my animals are being confiscated there is additional fees which is paid to those conducting the exercise depending on the number of children one has Apiyo revealed.

Francis Olonyu the head teacher of the school says that as much as parents are paying school fees and others in advance the hesitant parents who refuse to pay fees their chicken or goats are confiscated by PTA members who sell and pay teachers.

Olonyu says that support being offered by action aid in up lifting the school face has had a great impact as the number of pupils has increased but also noted that as pupils go to higher class the girls are fewer than the boys in class due to several factors.

Speaker of Pader district local government Ocen Justine says that when a community school starts everything is handled by the parents that includes paying teachers and buying teaching material.

It’s only in this financial year 2016/2017 that’s when government coded the school, this is when universal primary education can be included and as a district, statistics of the school has been captured by the district education officer and forwarded to ministry of education hoping that the school will be adopted by government so that the burden of paying teachers can be shifted from parents to the government Ocen stated.

Mr Richard Olong manger partners and capacity building Action Aid stated that they have hosted a team of 45 Greek volunteers under action aid and the team has been working with the community to construct class room blocks early child hood Centre and borehole.

This is an attempt to improve learning out comes for children and the community,  as action aid we believe that the education of the child is one way to contribute to development of the country as education is the back  bone to progress Olong noted.

By Ronnie Layoo.Pader.

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