Pupils Shun School Amidst Re-Opening After Violent Land Conflict.

By on July 16, 2017

Many pupils of Zoka Central Primary School in Tirigwa sub county Adjumnai district have shunned school amidst re-opening after the violent land conflict between the Madi community of Adjumani and Acholi community of Amuru over the Apaa land border.

The school re-opened on the 26th June 2017 after its closure on the 7th June 2017. The school was closed when hundreds of the Apaa land violence victims from Zoka parish camped at the school for safety after their houses and properties were destroyed early last month.

Mawadri Ekorie John Bosco the Zoka Central Primary School head teacher says they have drastically registered low turn up of the students since the re-opening.

According to statistics from the school, there were 726 pupils before its closure but the numbers reduced extremely to 476 as per the Monday 10th July 2017 enrolment. This means that the numbers dropped by 250.

He suspects that some of the pupils who have not yet reported could be among the missing people or those who have fled to their relatives at distant places for safety.

Mawadri says the school is very concerned because the closure has greatly affected the normal learning at the school and futures of the pupils have not reported remains at a stake.

Serena Obote a parent of the school says she fears to send her child to school because the security in the area is still unknown. She notes that they have fears of attacks from the neighboring Apaa community anytime.

She adds that in the resettlement process her child is also still helping her with garden work and constructing their houses that were destroyed.

By Emmy Daniel Ojara.Adjumani.

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