Singer Bosmic Otim Releases Song Hitting At All His Haters.

Bosimic Otim a renowned singer in northern Uganda has released a song hitting at his fellow musicians who he claims are behind witch hunting him with allegations that he is behind the attacking of radio Rupiny presenter and goga flow artist 2pee.

2pee was attacked by unknown assailants as he left the club dome party organized at Acholi Inn and he was hacked on the head seriously and currently still in hospital at Mulago as doctor’s claim his skull isn't in stable position.

Bosmick Otim’s latest song release titled ‘Lweny Alibu’ a song he is blaming his fellow Artists that they were behind his arrest. The song has faced both negative and positive reactions and generally received massive audience.

Some of the artists he attacked include the village general and councilor 5 representing people of Laroo Obol Justine simple man who he accuses of planning the whole conspiracy of implicating him in the attack of 2pee, the  other artist is Opio Twongweno who he claims has been fighting him ever since.

The list is endless, Leo Palayeng who he described as a silent burner, Jahria Okwera the worst of all, Ronnie Yello team, BSG Labongo has been chairing all the planning meeting to implicate me he stated.

In his lyrics Bosimic went ahead to note that before he dies he will die with the named artists and lamented that they should never step his funeral grounds when he dies.

During the beginning of December Otim Bosimic was arrested and detained at Gulu central police station for three days without any precise case opened against him and later he was released by the same police with no charges brought against him, police tried so hard to implicate him that he was behind attacking 2pee but this all never worked out as the directorate of public prosecution threw out the file due to lack of evidence.

By the time he was being released Bosmic stated that Obol Justine simple man organized a group of young children to come to police and begin shouting that he is one who sacrifices people.

With the hit song making rounds, it’s most likely that the beef between the artists will continue until further notice as all of them are fighting for the number one artist of northern Uganda position.

By Our Reporter.Gulu.

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