Strange Disease Scare Parents As 35 Pupils Go Ill At Awiri Vision P/S In Apac.

Health authorities in Apac on Friday took blood samples from five pupils of Awiri Vision nursery and primary school in Arocha division, Apac Municipality for in-depth laboratory tests for signs of a strange disease.

Dr Emer Mathew the district health officer told journalists at his office that the matter was at his desk late on Thursday that the condition of the victims were under control.

“We took blood samples from five pupils for confirmatory test at national public health laboratory for measles test, but I would like to put off fears that the symptoms we have observed is not measles, a confirmatory test will be ready by Monday.” Dr Emer said.

Mr Alex Alele the director of Awiri Vision Nursery & Primary School explained to reporters that the ‘strange’ illness spread within two days of the first incident on Monday.

Mr Alele said the disease spread through the pupils in the boarding section, with others showing out severely as others minor.

“You see the children are having symptoms like, tinny itchy shores, red eyes, and fever, and headache amongst others, I was scared when the infections doubled from two on Monday evening to seven on Tuesday morning.”

Dr Emer dismissed claims that the infections were signs of measles, saying there is need for patience much as it is portraying German measles, he dismissed fears that the disease could spread to the nearby villages.

“We have prescribed for control of signs as we wait for results of the blood test for real treatment.” Said Dr Emer.

Jacinta Akao a parent of a primary five pupil at the school said she was calm by reports that the school had a fast response, she said her daughter reported minor head ache which became serious the following day at school.

By Daniel Okwir.Apac.

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